I think we throw around the word BEAUTIFUL way too easy nowadays. We call any crack head chick that has fake tits and a fake tan beautiful. All you have to do to find out their true beauty is to take off their make up and their huge sunglasses and you will discover that most chicks are ugly…that’s why they wear make up. And they wear a shit load of perfume because they fucking stink… Anyway here’s my list:

10. MILEY CYRUS:Besides being annoying as all hell and not talented at all. Miley is actually not that hot. I mean of course I would have sex with her, but then again I would have sex with halfa retard if she had a nice rack.

9. PARIS HILTON: Skinny, no ass, fucked up nose and in certain photos looks exaclty like a Tranny. Plus we all seen the sex tape, she’s not good at sex, she only knows one position and she doesn’t even swallow.

8. EVA LONGORIA:She’s married to Tony Parker. Tony doesn’t even start anymore, he sucks now. Eva has always sucked. She’s not even the most famous Longoria any more the baseball player is more famous than she is.

7. FERGIE: I hate it when people say she’s hot. Look at the damn picture. She’s fucking gross.

6, 5, and 4: THE KARDASHIAN SISTERS: 3 very ugly Persian Monsters. Two are just ugly. The other one is fat and ugly (sorry Lamar.) I have no idea how these three annoying idiots got their own reality show. They’re ugly, they’re annoying, and they don’t ever shut the fuck up…If you’re sitting there saying, “The other sisters are ugly but Kim is hot.” This will change your mind.

3. KENDRA:  Besides being the most annoying woman on the planet, with her dumb ass laugh and your stupid voice, she’s not hot at all. She looks like an ordinary white trash, trailer park girl that you would see at a Wal-Mart in Alabama.

2. ZACH EFRON: You know I don’t see the big deal with HER. Yeah of course SHE has a nice face. SHE also has nice lips, SHE must suck good cock. But SHE has no tits and what’s up with HER lesbian hair cut?

1. LADY GAGA: She’s a  fucking MAN.

– Big Dave, BOOm!

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