Women and Sports

The Female Sports Fan

Sports used to be a sacred thing amongst men. It was the one topic we had to ourselves. It was way to bond with our fellow man. It was what shopping is to women. But like everything else that was once man’s, you women had to take it from us. You have to tag along in your sexy jerseys to our favorite sports bars. You have to sit in between us on the couch while we watch our favorite teams. You even have the audacity to chime in your thoughts when we have heated debates. Why? Why did you have to ruin the only thing us men had left? I know damn well you don’t actually enjoy watching them. I’ve never seen a group of women go to a sports bar by themselves. I’ve never seen a woman wake up, roll out of bed and turn on ESPN. I’ve never seen a woman pick up a newspaper and go directly to the sports page. I’ve never seen a woman wear her sexy Colt’s jersey to the nail saloon. Women only pretend to like sports because they think that’s what guys like and you poor bastards fall for it. You think it’s going to be cool to have a girlfriend who’s into sports. But you’re wrong; here are some common misconceptions men have when they decide to date a female sports fan.

Misconceptions of The Female Sports Fan:

Misconception: You think she really cares about her team.

Lakers 2-1 Zone

Lakers 2-1 Zone

Truth: She doesn’t give a shit about the team. She just sits there deciding which guy on the team is the cutest or which one has the best ass or how many she could handle in a gangbang!

Misconception: You may think it will be cool to bring your girlfriend or wife to a sports bar.

Truth: Reality is your girlfriend or wife is just tagging a long so she can be sure that you are not talking to any other women. She also might be there to limit your alcohol intake.

Misconception: You think you’re going have a lot to talk about.

You're an Idiot!

Truth: Women don’t know shit about sports. Next time you’re talking to your wife or girlfriend about sports, sit and listen to what she has to say and you’ll find out that it’s probably something you’ve already said or something she heard on Sports Center.

Misconception: You think she’ll be good at sports

Truth: All women suck at sports. Take the WNBA for example.

– Big Dave, BOOm!

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