Women Hate Sex

Women Hate Sex

Big Dave is sick of coming across these stupid so-called “man” websites- sites littered with tips and advice on “how to please your woman” or “how to stop pre-maturely ejaculating.” Listen you PUSSIES, there’s no pile driving, bear hugging, hip thrusting, sex move that will please your woman. There’s no technique to get you from blowing your load early. There’s no penis on this great big green Earth that’s big enough to please your woman…Now I know some of you might be saying, “That’s not true, I always make my girl orgasm.” Well you’re wrong! About 90 percent of women hate having sex with men. They just fake their orgasms and they’re actually really good at it. Take Meg Ryan in the movie “When Harry met Sally,” where Meg’s character fakes an orgasm in front of Billy Crystal in that restaurant. To this day her role as Sally is the only role in which I found the woman lead to be somewhat believable. I found her believable because faking an orgasm is second nature to most women. It came natural to her and she came off very believable.  But when women take on a roles such as; a bad ass female Russian Spy who beats the shit out of men (Angelina Jolie in Salt), or a blonde who gets accepted into Law School for her brains and not her looks (Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde), or a woman who’s a mysterious assassin that dresses in latex and uses two Sais for weapons (Jennifer Garner in Elektra), these roles are not believable at all. Women are only good in roles where they fake orgasms like Meg Ryan, or where they play escorts like Julia Roberts, or where they play exotic dancers like Demi Moore.

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